Aquellex started their musical journey in 2014. As a longtime listener of hectic breakcore, experimental music and VGM, Aquellex blends their multiple genre-defying influences through the alembic of classical music theory and computer science studies to deliver a truly unique, highly-concentrated musical entity. Aiming to reach unexplored theory in microprocessor-generated music, Aquellex uses 8- and 16-bit chiptune trackers to control old game console sound chips such as the Nintendo NES and Sega Mega Drive. Their weapon of choice though, is the Nintendo Game Boy, a deceptively tiny portable console with more power under the hood than meets the eye. Tapping into that seemingly very limited sonic power, Aquellex delivers mind-shattering, complex compositions that strike a wavering balance between light-speed noise chaos, and intricate yet compelling harmonic work.